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Servers, Systems and Storage
Sunday, 06 April 2014 16:39

Bash Panel

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Linux has increasingly Grown over the years Due to its Performance, Pricing, Scalability, Efficiency , Security, Portability,  wow it just goes on.   However the only thing keeping Linux from reaching Number 1 in the server world is its 'ease of use' well this has now changed.   Bash Panel Makes controlling your Linux Server Even Easier than Windows. Bash Panel Includes no other programming,   no hidden code,    just a Series of already Developed commands Formulated to make your life easier.

Bash Panel is compatible with all flavours of Linux,  It is Interactive , Simple yet Extremely Powerful. It is hard to describe what Bash Panel can do ,  because it is capable of doing simply everything,  no mater what system you own you can remotely send commands through options.  1 button will optimize  your services for CPU / IO Priority..   1 button can tell you your system Performance.   It can also resize your hard drives easy.  No more fiddling on google trying to find answers on or about your Linux system.  This program puts your answers directly in front of you.  And we Put it in the program..   And the Best Thing it is Absolutely Free.

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Linux Servers

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We install, maintain, and support Linux-based servers and desktops for small to medium sized businesses. Allen, our Linux administrator, has 9 years of experience with Linux systems. His specialties include Linux virtualization, web servers, Linux-Windows cross-platform integration, and network security.


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Managed Services

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Cyford Technologies LLC is a leader among IT Service Companies, we specialize in a mired of managed services and Technical support. Our focus is on small to medium sized business in Metro Atlanta and surrounding cities. We have one of the quickest response times in the industry; we also provide exceptional services because we utilize the latest tools and technologies. Best Practices is the name of our game at Cyford Technologies, our dedicated engineers never take short cuts which better serves our customers by reducing network issues or downtimes. Qualified engineers manage and supply technical support for each of our customs networks nationwide. If your company or department is seeking award winning IT support or related services then give Cyford Technologies LLC a call today!

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Premium Support

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Chat with a Customer Support Engineer for instant, live help.

This is for new projects  and support without a monthly agreement.


Our Support  works on a point system which.  We bill in quarterly increments ,   they never expire  and can be used for support and new projects at any time.

If you have points already  You can go directly to Our System   and log in, Otherwise please sign up with the following link.


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Windows Servers

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Cyford Technologies LLC offers comprehensive Atlanta Windows support for small and medium-sized businesses. There are many reasons that an Atlanta area business may need to outsource Microsoft Windows support, particularly for servers. Most Microsoft Windows servers we see at sites are underutilized and are not configured specifically for the business using them.

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