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Cyford Technologies LLC  and Cyford Communications  Births a  new company BMP (Beat My Price (DOT) US)  who's Sole Abjective is to be the leading provider for calling cards and electronics specificlly designed for Secure Facillities (Prisions, Jails, Mental Hospitals, ect.). 








Our Service Include:

  1. Cheap Phone Services
  2. Voice MAil
  3. Text Messaging
  4. Email system
  5. Faxes Services
  6. Personal Phone Number


We take upon ourselfs to wipe all the compition clean on calling cards by offering the absolute lowest rates on all US Calling.   Besides the cheapest cost we also do NOT include all the dirty gimics that other calling card companies  add like - Connection Fee's , Disconnections fees, 3+ min Rounding blocks, 1 time fees, or any other fee's .  We are a CLEAN Per- Min calling card solution who builds has built our System from the ground to allow people incarsarated and in  secure mental hospitals the ability to make dirt cheap calls without calling collect and also allow them to be able to send /Recieve  voicemails, Text Messaging,  Emails,   and faxes.  Just becuase there locked up they should still be able to communicate with there familly and loved ones without the crazy hassles.

The Hospitals we currenlly Service is Coalinga Mental Hospital

Next Targets at the moment Include:

  1. (DSH) – Atascadero, CA
  2. (DSH) – Napa, CA
  3. (DSH) – Stockton,, CA
  4. (DSH) – Patton, CA
  5. (DSH) – Vacaville, CA
  6. (DSH) – Metropolitan, CA
  7. (DSH) – Salinas Valley, CA